The plastic ball used by ball exercises was developed in the ’60s by an Italian petrochemical manufacturer named Aquilino Cosani.
Although he did not design the ball for use in the fitness industry he nonetheless was the first to pioneer their production and their use.

A Swiss doctor by the name of Susan Klein-Vogelbach is responsible for promoting the use of these plastic balls in the field of orthopedic medicine at the physical therapy clinic she founded.
The origin of the “swiss ball” appellation is found in that ball exercises were first observed in Switzerland and not in Italy.
This explains why they are not commonly known as Italian balls.

The concept of ball exercises was imported to America from Europe by Joanne-Posner-Mayer in the late ’80s.
She was the first to really promote the use of ball exercises in the fitness industry specifically.
Since then, exercise balls have quickly made their way into commercial gyms throughout the country and into personal gyms up to the point where they have established themselves as mainstays in the fitness industry.
As of today, countless fitness professionals are promoting the use of ball exercises and athletes from every sport imaginable and from every level are incorporating them into their training regimen.

Exercise balls now come in a variety of different sizes and are often used alongside other fitness equipment.
For example, in order to reduce the range of motions allowed by the exercise ball, you can use what is known as a stability cushion that you would position underneath the ball in order to cradle it in place.
Furthermore, new ball exercises as constantly being developed that incorporate the use of dumbbells or cable systems.

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