Here we present you with our top ten ball exercises you’ll find on this website.

Although the list is purely subjective, we believe the ball exercises here do a remarkable job at working specific areas of your body.

Click on any of them to review in detail textual instructions on how to correctly perform them.

  1. Ball Push Up – Feet Up
  2. Ball Sit-Up
  3. Ball Squat – One-Legged
  4. Ball Arm-Leg Extension – Alternating
  5. Ball Jacknife
  6. Ball Triceps Extension
  7. Ball Squat – One-Legged
  8. Ball Table Top
  9. Ball Squeeze – Lying
  10. Ball Rear Deltoid Row

#1 – Ball Push Up – Feet Up

ball push up feet elevatedThe Push Up is widely regarded as one of the best exercises one can do.
Using an exercise ball to perform it allows you to target the core muscles on top of the usual chest and triceps muscles.

Also, using the exercise ball this way lets you concentrate on your upper pectoral muscles since you’re essentially in an incline workout position.

#2 – Ball Sit-Up

The Ball Sit-Up ball exercise mainly targets the abdominal muscles but it is also very effective at working the core muscles.

Specifically, it will allow you to exercise the upper abdominals as well as the hips muscles.

#3 – Ball Squat – One-Legged

The Ball Squat will target primarily your quadriceps (i.e., quads) as well as your buttocks.

Doing the squat using an exercise ball will make sure you develop stabilizing muscles in your thighs as well.

#4 – Ball Arm-Leg Extension – Alternating

The Ball Arm-Leg Extension is an excellent exercise that will target most of the muscle groups in your body.

Specifically it will target your upper and lower back muscles as well as your hamstrings and your buttock muscles.

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#5 – Ball Jacknife

The Ball Jacknife ball exercise represents an excellent way to target your abdominal muscles and your hips.

It will also require you to maintain good upper body posture (back and arms straight).

#6 – Ball Triceps Extension

The Ball Triceps Extension ball exercise, also known as the triceps blaster, is a very effective way to target your triceps.

Advanced users can even increase its difficulty and effectiveness by putting their feet on a high bench instead of on the floor.

#7 – Ball Table Top

Ball Exercises for the Back
The Ball Table Top ball exercise is one of the easiest on this list but still enlists the help of many muscle groups.

Mainly, you will workout your abdominals, your chest, your shoulders as well as your back muscles.

#8 – Ball Leg Curl

The Ball Leg Curl ball exercise is a good way to target your hamstring muscles.

You may want to put on shoes in order to make sure the ball doesn’t slip out as you squeeze it.

#9 – Ball Squeeze – Lying

The Ball Squeeze while lying works well at targeting your inner thigh muscles.

Furthermore, raising your buttocks from the floor will target your back and your buttock muscles.

#10 – Ball Rear Deltoid Row

rear deltoid row ball exercises for shoulders
The Ball Rear Deltoid Row ball exercise is the only one on the list that needs a pair of dumbbells to perform.
Specifically, it will target your rear and outer deltoid muscles.

A top 10 list without at least one exercise for shoulders would not have felt right.